The Group Coach Kit™ provides
1 full year of business coaching tools
Including the most relevant topics for small business training programs and a step-by-step guide on how to create a group coaching program that will help you deliver outstanding sessions!
Group Coach Kit ™
Jon Denney’s Group Coach Kit is a turn-key solution to help you plan, sell, and then execute an incredibly effective and profitable business training program.

A group coaching program for business owners is a terrific way to generate revenue for your executive coaching / consulting business. The business coaching tools and materials will give you excellent, real-world, content that will stimulate robust conversations and learning among your group members.

Each month of training is centered around business coaching seminars and a “white paper” that is contained on each of the CDs in this kit. Transcriptions of the CDs are provided.

Group Coaches Kit ImageIn addition to dynamic business coaching resources for discussion and learning, you will be provided a step-by-step group-session “program.” All you need to do is follow the steps as you work through your business training programs. If you do this, you will not only provide excellent training, you will also guide each of your participants in developing specific “action steps” that they are expected to take in their own businesses to put their new (or refreshed) knowledge into action. After all, knowledge is NOT power…it is merely “power potential.” True power comes from executing what you know! It’s one thing to know what to do, but another thing entirely to do what you know!

The focus on creating specific action steps will separate you from other business training programs! We’ve all been to workshops or a business coaching program and learned some great things, only to then go back to our offices and NOT put any of those strategies into action. Yes, we got smarter; but we didn’t get better!

Jon Denney's Group Coach Kit™ was designed to give your business coaching resources an assist you in teaching your clients, and then provide the structure to apply that knowledge through actions that get tangible results. Our philosophy is pretty simple, really: “If you don’t get a return on investment, then why bother?!” The Group Coach Kit will guide you in helping your clients earn that important return on investment. This will provide a nice return on investment for you, too!

In addition to terrific content and a step-by-step guide to running each of your group coaching program for business coaches, you’ve been provided business coaching material with real-world samples of some of the strategies you’ll be teaching. This will be a valuable guide for your business owner clients when they take the action steps of incorporating this content into their own businesses. Again, this makes you different than most of your competitors that simply preach theory and don’t provide samples, or models for their clients to use and build on.

Following each group session in your Facilitator’s Course Book, you’ll find the recommended content and structure for monthly “one-on-one” coaching sessions with each of your group participants. One-on-one, or individual coaching, is a fantastic business coaching tool and critical in making sure your clients are executing their action steps. Your clients will value your business coaching program if you hold them accountable; they need that! Furthermore, one-on-one sessions will provide great opportunities to help your individual clients determine what to do next and to help them if they get stuck on their action steps.

By providing individual coaching as a component of your group coaching program for business owners, you’ll add tremendous value to your clients while providing yourself the ability to make more money!
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Contents of the Kit
  • Facilitator’s Guide (tabbed by month)
  • Sample Participant Binder
  • Handouts
  • White Paper Transcripts
  • Jon Denney’s Strategy Coaching Model for Selling Business Coaching Services
  • Twelve CDs containing the white paper content (read by the author) and the summary for each of your group meetings
  • Sample program flyer
The Group Coach Kit™ prepares you to:
  • Plan for business training programs from beginning to end.
  • Set pricing for your business coaching program, know when to market your program and gives you tips for selling more seats.
  • Structure and schedule your business group coaching programs.
  • Have business coaching resources and step-by-step structure for each of your business training programs.
  • Have step-by-step business coaching material and structure of individual coaching sessions (should you choose to include one-on-one coaching in your group coaching packages).
  • A variety of business coaching tools and handouts for you to give your participants during certain months of training
  • CDs for each month of training that you can use to make your business group coaching programs even more professionally executed.
  • A white paper transcript of the content from each CD that you may choose to use to assist in your business training programs.
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