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Congratulations on Being a Professional Business Coach!

Congratulations on being a professional business coach! I can think of no profession more significant than ours to help business owners meet their full potential.

We possess the ability to help business owners and executives gain clarity on their most pressing challenges or life-changing opportunities. We facilitate their strategic thinking in determining the best ways to achieve their goals. We help them break those strategies into steps (tactics), then we help them prioritize the tactics, and finally, we invite them to immediately take calculated action to move them toward “intentional” success. What an incredibly valuable service!

But before any of that can happen, a professional business coach needs clients! For many (if not most) new business coaches, “client acquisition” is the most difficult thing to do. In fact, the number one reason that people stop coaching has nothing to do with “coaching.” It is because they were not able to sign up enough paying clients.

If you’ve had a hard time selling your business coaching services, it’s likely that you’ve been trying to “tell” people what you do. Maybe you tell them that “you help business owners increase profits.” Or perhaps you’ve used the tired line that you “Help business owners sleep at night” or some other conceptual or overused benefit statement. It’s time for a
paradigm shift! Here it is:


Please read that again (and again). It’s true. So what do business owners care about? They care about their own businesses and the specific challenges, unmet opportunities, recurring problems, and stressors in their individual businesses and in their own lives. They care about themselves…and they should!

The key to earning a business owner’s attention, interest, and then to sign that person up as a paying client, is to stop trying to sell your services by telling people what you do. Instead, just show them what you do! To earn new clients, don’t act like a salesperson; just be the coach. 

To do that, you must help your prospective client to discover his biggest area of “pain,” which is caused either by recurring problems or unmet opportunities that have continually eluded them. Then, facilitate the creation of a “solutions list” that will be prioritized. Once the prospect business owner has prioritized this list, help that person identify all of the steps required to execute the top-priority strategy. And then, get that person to commit to taking deliberate and specific action that will begin the process of actually solving the problem or meeting the
opportunity. Finally, sign that person up as a paying client!

Need more details and some sample scripts? Check out "Jon Denney's Strategy Coaching Model for Selling Business Coaching Services". You can purchase the manual here. All of this will be discussed in step-by-step detail throughout the manual. Sample scripts will also be provided for you to either modify or adopt exactly as they are written.

In the Manual

-A Listing of the Specific Business Challenges that are Common among Business Owners

-Recommendations on How to Become More Knowledgeable and Skilled in Addressing these Challenge-Areas

-A Specific Sales Model with Scripts that Will Help You Schedule Initial Appointments with Business-Owner Prospects

-The “Strategy Coaching Model” to be Used as a Highly-Effective Meeting that Ends with the Prospect Signing Up to be Your Paying Client

-Overcoming Typical Objections

-Action Steps to Help You Get Going

-Additional Tips that will Help You Earn Paying Clients

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