A great program, with a great guarantee
What do you have to lose?
Jon Denney's GroupCoachKit is a turn-key solution to help you plan, sell, and then execute an incredibly effective and profitable business coaching program.
Group Coach Kits™ offers a
90 day, 100% money-back guarantee. Here it is!

"If you don’t love the Group Coach Kit™ or if you don’t profit from it, simply return the kit within 90 days and you’ll get all of your money back. No games, no delays, no nonsense.”

Why we offer this guarantee: Business owners need to make decisions that will provide returns on investment. We all hate to make bad decisions. At Group Coach Kits™ we think that the worst decision you can make is if you choose not to purchase these powerful, revenue generating tools. Obviously, we want you to buy them and make a lot of money from them! But we will not allow you to buy the Group Coach Kit™ without having peace of mind. The Group Coach Kit™ is awesome. It is proven. It is simply the best tools ever created to help business coaches and consultants sell and deliver outstanding group coaching sessions. If after using it, you don’t agree and think this was a waste of your investment, then we don’t want your money. You’ll get it all back with a sincere apology and our gratitude for trying something new in your business. But when you make a lot of money and change your clients’ lives using the Group Coach Kit™, we’d really appreciate if you’d tell a friend about us!
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