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A business coaching program is a terrific way to generate revenue for your executive coaching / consulting business. The tools included in this kit will give you excellent, real-world business coaching resources that will stimulate robust conversations and learning among your group members.
Return On Investment
You can earn a lot of money using Group Coach Kits™! 
If you decided to offer your business training programs at a charge of $295 per client, per month for example, and if your group had seven participants, you would earn $2,065 per month just from your group coaching program! For a 12-month program, you would earn $24,780.

If your group meetings were two and a half hours each month and each of your seven participants received an hour and a half of individual coaching from you each month, then you would work for a total of 13 hours per MONTH to earn that $2,065. That’s over $158 per hour. Not bad!

But imagine the money you could make if you were able to charge each participant $495 per month and if you were able to sign up 10 participants…Now your monthly income with just one group is $4,950 ($59,400 per year). Your hourly rate would go to over $380. That’s better!

And the best part is, you don’t need to stop there! By running multiple business coaching programs each month, you can earn a very nice living.

There are people earning well over $100,000 per year just facilitating group coaching using Group Coach Kits™!
Your total investment in Group Coach Kits™ is $1,159 plus the time you invest learning the material (Three to five hours). But, you only have to buy the Kit and the business coaching resources once and you own it forever. As you can see, it doesn’t require much for you to earn an incredibly high rate of return on this investment.

When you conduct business training programs you can earn a lot of money. You’ll also have a great forum to attract individual clients that want/need more intensive coaching that you can charge extra for. And, when you offer a business coaching program, you’ll have a place in your business to “put people” that no longer require the weekly coaching you’ve been provided.

It’s just too hard to have business group coaching programs with a revolving door of clients. You know that. So please, take control over your business and get a group coaching program going right away. You’ll be glad you did and if after a few months you wish you didn’t do it; no problem. Just return the Kit for an immediate, full-refund.

Thank you for consideration.
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