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Jon Denney's GroupCoachKit is a turn-key solution to help you plan, sell, and then execute incredibly effective and profitable business training programs.
Jon Denney’s Strategy Coaching Model for Selling Business Coaching Services

"Jon Denney’s Strategy Coaching Model
for Selling Business Coaching Services" $195

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The keys to running a successful group coaching program for business owners is to be great at the following:
  • You must understand the common challenges of small business owners- I don’t just mean be aware of them- I mean truly understand why they have them, how they affect them, why they happen, and what strategies can be implemented to overcome those difficulties.
  • You must have the ability to immediately gain the confidence of the small business owner in your capability to help that person. If you don’t earn that confidence in a matter of seconds, it’s going to be extremely difficult-if not impossible- to get that person to want to invest any more time with you.
  • Be able to execute a straightforward, meaningful conversation with your prospective client that will get to the heart of his/her issues while demonstrating your ability to understand and assist in overcoming those challenges.
  • Be able to properly ask for the sale. You can’t earn a living as a professional coach or consultant if you don’t have paying clients. You can’t have paying clients unless and until a sale is made. In order for a sale to be made, you have to be able to close the deal.
  • Be able to retain clients for years. If you’re not able to provide value for years, you can’t keep clients for years. You have to know how to do this. You have to know business. You also have to…
  • Have different options for your services. Not everyone is going to have the same needs and you must have different business training programs or consulting formats available to your clients so that you can keep them in your income stream for years at a time. Otherwise, your monthly revenue will be up and down all the time and you’ll have to spend much more time selling to new clients rather than coaching or consulting for pay.

This manual addresses each of those points
Additionally, it will show you:
  • Who the best prospects are and why
  • Where to find your business owner prospects
  • How to quickly earn attention and respect from those prospects
  • Actual scripts demonstrating how you can schedule important meetings with these people
  • How to end those meetings by signing your business owner prospect up for your services
  • How to overcome typical objections (including actual scripts)
  • Additional tips that will be a huge asset in helping you sell your services
  • Six specific action steps to help you put this knowledge into action today so that you can earn a lot of money as a professional business coach or small business consultant
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